Training and Education

Jim Grubman has been a pioneer in training, educating, and consulting to ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) financial and legal advisors in the skills needed to serve clients effectively.

Training and Education: Based on his extensive experience working with families and advisory firms, Jim has developed training modules relevant to family-office clientele in North America and around the globe. These include:

  • Understanding generational differences between acquirers and inheritors of wealth (the "Immigrants and Natives" model)
  • Understanding the role of ethnic culture in families of wealth globally, including how the family culture changes as families cross generations
  • Understanding successful wealth transfers and gifts
  • How to design and implement family meetings with client families
  • How to assist families with financial education, governance, and philanthropic activities
  • How to link organizational roles to client relationship competencies

Each training module is tailored to the audience’s specific needs and integrated with other modules in content and style. All trainings utilize realistic role-playing of common client scenarios so advisors can implement their new knowledge in real-world client situations.

Jim specializes in areas where psychology, family dynamics and advising intersect in wealth management.These include understanding the family-dynamics aspects of trusts, prenuptial agreements, philanthropy, overspending, and family enterprise, as well as how to respond effectively to clients having health issues (aging, dementia, ADHD, medical illnesses). Jim teaches family offices about the fundamentals of family governance and decision-making so advisors can help families navigate transitions across generations. Included in this education are ongoing case consultations to help improve current client relationships, solve or prevent impasses with clients, and implement the learning demonstrated in role-plays and didactic presentations.

Consulting: Jim helps advisory firms and family offices deliver excellent client service with technical competency and relationship skills. Training a few advisors in some skills and services is usually not enough for a firm to go from good to great. The strategic direction of the firm, the management skills of the executives, and the client service competencies of advisors need to be aligned and integrated. Consulting activities include on-site workshops; video conference calls, client case consultation, coaching of individual advisors or advisor teams, and review of client communication materials to improve clarity and impact.

Coaching and training of wealth advisors, tailored to the needs of each organization.