Dr. Jim Grubman of FamilyWealth Consulting is an internationally-recognized consultant, speaker, and educator in the multidisciplinary field of family wealth psychology. He works with affluent families and their advisors to understand the many ways that wealth and life can be integrated successfully.

Using skills developed as a psychologist for over 35 years, Jim helps individuals and families work through the natural dilemmas of acquired or inherited wealth. He also teaches, trains, and collaborates with the important advisors in clients` lives. He contributes thought leadership to many areas of wealth psychology, family enterprise governance, and wealth management, both within North America and around the world. He works to promote understanding of what individuals, couples, and families need as they become successful.

Jim's guiding focus is integrating knowledge and skill in service of helping families. The goal - to help those with good fortune achieve their greatest potential.

Strangers in Paradise

How Families Adapt to Wealth Across Generations

Jim Grubman's highly-acclaimed book Strangers in Paradise: How Families Adapt To Wealth Across Generations is based upon the groundbreaking insights first outlined with his colleague Dr. Dennis Jaffe in 2007. The book explores in depth the similarities between newcomers to wealth and the journeys of ethnic immigrants to new lands. It also outlines the important steps families must take in raising well-balanced, responsible, and strong inheritors (“natives of the Land of Wealth”). Using fresh concepts and human stories, the book explains how the key process for families of wealth – like all immigrant families – is adaptation.



Understanding HNW Families New to Wealth

In this short video by Sun Life Financial, Jim Grubman explains why advisors need to understand the unique needs and perspectives of those new to wealth, avoiding a “one size fits all” approach. 

Jim Grubman and Dennis Jaffe discuss their concepts with Tharawat magazine

In this short video by the global family business magazine Tharawat, Jim and Dennis touch upon the roles that adaptation and communication play in family enterprises around the world.

In the News

On the Money Radio: What's in Store for the Wealth of Future Generations

Steve Pomeranz, of On the Money Radio interviewed Jim a second time regarding the latest concepts in Jim's forthcoming book with Dennis Jaffe, Cross Cultures: How Global Families Negotiate Change Across Generations (publication February 2016). Jim explained the deepening cross-cultural understanding of family enterprises around the world, along with practical advice on how families can reach compromise solutions together when cultural differences arise. 

Morningstar: How to Manage Wealth Across Generations

Strangers in Paradise is recommended on the Morningstar.com website for people who are transitioning to wealth. In her article, Dr. Sarah Newcomb discusses the strategies that newcomers to wealth commonly use to adapt to their new surroundings: avoidance, assimilation, and integration. 

The New York Times feature article: Looking for Ways to Keep Money from Dividing a Family

Jim Grubman and Dennis Jaffe presented to a packed audience of TIGER21 members about how highly-successful families can handle wealth without dividing the generations. Paul Sullivan, journalist for The New York Times Wealth Matters column, interviewed Dennis and Jim along with several TIGER21 members about the symposium.

On the Money Radio: Discussing the concepts behind Strangers in Paradise

Steve Pomeranz, a United Capital wealth advisor and commentator for the NPR radio show On the Money, interviewed Jim about how wealth transitions influence families. They discussed the dilemmas parents face when raising kids in affluent environments and the personalities of those who dedicate themselves to wealth creation.

Events & Media

Sun Life Financial-International - HNW Wealth Forum, Sydney Australia March 23, 2016

Jim will present to an international advisor audience on cross-cultural issues faced by HNW families around the globe. 

Concordia University: John Molson School of Business, Montreal, QB. November 19, 2015

Jim gave the keynote address launching the inaugural Family Wealth Program for UHNW family enterprises and advisors. The program introduces participants to skills for the successful preservation, management, and transition of family wealth.

Prenups: Canadian Association of Family Enterprise (CAFÉ) Breakfast Event, Calgary AB. November 5, 2015

Jim discussed the challenges and benefits for families seeking to craft prenuptial agreements in the best way possible. He described relationship issues for couples with differing economic backgrounds and how they can use a fairness model rather than the usual protection model with prenups.

FFI Annual Conference – London, England October 21-23, 2015

Jim attended the Family Firm Institute’s international annual meeting with discussion of the new global cultural model that he and Dennis Jaffe have been developing.

BMO Private Bank: Signature Events September 27 – October 1; November 2 – 5, 2015

Jim presented multiple client events and advisor trainings throughout five Canadian cities for BMO Private Bank. The events were very well-attended with lively discussion and extended periods of Q&A, assisted by Ruth Steverlynck, a family wealth consultant from Vancouver BC.

Fifth Annual PPI Rendezvous August 5-7, 2015

Jim attended the Purposeful Planning Institute Rendezvous again this year in Denver CO. He has attended every Rendezvous since its inception five years ago and enjoyed collaborating with colleagues at this important event.

Sun Life International Global Partners Conference May 6, 2015

Jim presented at a Global Partners event in Toronto about the need for advisors to address the role of culture in families of wealth around the world.

Altair Advisers April 21, 2015

Jim participated on a panel discussion and workshop about "The New Intergenerational Challenge: Caring for Aging Parents" in Chicago, IL. He provided information on understanding dementia and its unique impact in an affluent clientele.

TIGER21 Forum February 20, 2015

Jim presented a well-attended session on family dynamics at the prestigious annual TIGER21 conference in Palm Beach FL.

Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta February 5, 2015

Jim discussed current concepts about successful families of wealth and raising affluent children responsibly.